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The Course

These have to be the most insightful words I have seen written about educating children in the last two centuries! Thanks for sharing them, Dave. The Course. Advertisements

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Prisoners Of Time

Sometimes, when you read something, you can believe it is just what people need to hear – until you look at the date and you wonder – Haven’t they heard this already? This happened to me during my Christmas reading, … Continue reading

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Bursting the “Bubble Dome”

I have just been drawn back to the amazing work of the team at “Bubble Dome” – a NZ-based company started by Rebecca Merle, with whom I had the pleasure of working with some years back. I can truly say … Continue reading

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Free Online Tutoring

I have just had my attention drawn to these two wonderfully simple sites providing some great video tutoring in maths and science, among other topics, either as a supplement for studying school topics, or as a resource for home schoolers. … Continue reading

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Questioning … the art of encouraging thinking

Often teachers feel overwhelmed at the thought of trying to meet the needs of all the different students in their classroom. They think they have to have 26 different plans – one for each child in the class. I don’t … Continue reading

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Life at the Edge

Many gifted students live life right at the edge – pushing the limits in all directions. This is the type of personality that pushes through to achieve great things, but sometimes also experiences great resistance. If you are the out-going, … Continue reading

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Boredom is so last year …

You hear it at home, at school, at your friends’ dinner party… I’m bored! If you have ever stubbed your toe, you know how much it hurts. But, do you go around saying my toe hurts when you haven’t stubbed … Continue reading

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And now to Attitude …

“Yes…some of you might say – their attitudes are the problem. They just don’t try to fit in.” I agree, some gifted students, me included, can sometimes have an attitude that does not easily engender harmony, but we are all … Continue reading

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